Ceramics come in many different variations and have countless different applications that we use every day. Just some of these applications include ceramic disk brakes, use in refractories, structural applications such as bricks, porcelain, as decoration with use of ceramic tiles, ceramic knives, and countless other applications. Ceramic materials are very hard and are great at heat insulation.

Why Ceramics?

Cut Ceramic TilesIt would be nearly impossible to explore all applications of ceramics, so instead let's take a look at what properties of ceramics may allow it to be used in so many different places and purposes.

Hardness - Although there are several variables that effect the hardness of ceramics, it is generally understood that ceramics are very hard and durable. This makes ceramic ideal for many uses where durability is a premium.

Heat Insulator - Another very effective property of ceramics are their ability to insulate heat. The applications of this are endless, but this property is why ceramics are used in many industries including furnace construction, aerospace, automotive, fire supression, and many more.

Electrical Insulator - The electrical insulating properties of ceramics make them highly valuable in many industries as well. In electronics, ceramic is typically used to create a non-conductive bridge between two conductive parts. It also can create a barrier around electrical components and be used as a heat sink.

Diamond Tools for Ceramics

Although ceramic is very hard and has extremely useful properties, it also can typically be very brittle. A lot of care and precision must be used when cutting or machining ceramic materials, for this reason diamond coated tools are often used to shape ceramic products.

Advanced and technical ceramic materials on the market today require specialized knowledge and experience when it comes to precision cutting and machining.

NIABRAZE has both. We offer diamond band saw blades in numerous widths, edge profiles, thicknesses and grit sizes, for just about all standard vertical and contour band saws. We also manufacture to the most exacting standards circular blades and form wheels used extensively in ceramics.

NIABRAZE brazed bond hole saws and diamond drills and milling tools are used for ceramics in both the fired and green state.

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Diamond Band Saw Blades
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