Diamond Tools at Niabraze

Today's ever-evolving industries use an incredible variety of composites from reinforced plastics and carbon or glass fiber composites to engineered resin matrix materials.

NIABRAZE provides great flexibility with a choice of electroplated and vacuum brazed diamond bonded products to provide the best universal tooling solution for your composites machining application.

Our electroplating forms a mechanical bond between the diamond and the substrate, while our vacuum brazing forms a strong chemical bond. NIABRAZE specialists can recommend the right bond method based on tool configuration and customer cutting, grinding, or milling job.

NIABRAZE offers in-stock blades or customized products for specific applications to deliver free, aggressive cutting of composites. Relative to other market available blades and tools with diamond in the bonded matrix, our electroplated and brazed products offer a lower cost with higher cutting efficiency and long-lasting performance.

NIABRAZE will work with those who manufacture composites or machine them as part of a process to find the solution that is best for them. We can provide fine grit plating for close tolerance and clean finish applications, as well as coarse grit plating and brazing for aggressive cutting and machining applications. Strip and replate services are available for most products for a lower subsequent use cost. To take advantage of our S/R service simply ship back worn plated or brazed product to us where we will turn strop off the old diamond, and replate with new high quality diamond specific to your grit requirements.

Hard or brittle composites are no match for NIABRAZE diamond abrasive tools. We work with composite manufacturers worldwide to handle any material large or small.

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Diamond Jig Saws

Diamond Plated Jig Saw
Diamond plated jig saws are used when a normal jig saw blade just won't get the job done.

Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Diamond Circular Saw Blades
Along with various grit sizes we can make your circular blades with various edge configurations.

Diamond Hole Saws

Diamond Hole Saw Bits
Diamond hole saws are used for cutting very abrasive non-ferrous materials.