Other Materials

NIABRAZE has a broad range of options to deliver your solutions for machining many other hard to machine and cut materials.

NIABRAZE offers a comprehensive selection of superabrasive diamond and CBN products engineered for both wet and dry process applications. Friction materials, stone products, and hard ferrous materials to name a few are all well suited for either diamond or CBN machining.

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Diamond Sawzall

Electroplated Sawzall
Niabraze diamond plated sawzalls are perfect for aggressive cutting of hard materials.

Diamond Hole Saws

Diamond Hole Saw Bits
Diamond hole saws are used for cutting very abrasive non-ferrous materials.

Diamond Jig Saws

Diamond Plated Jig Saw
Diamond plated jig saws are used when a normal jig saw blade just won't get the job done.