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For over 25 years NIABRAZE has set an industry standard in various services. Call or contact us today for more information.

NIABRAZE Services:


NIABRAZE Strip & Replating Service

Worn abrasive tooling can be recoated if the tool substrate has not been damaged. Whether produced by us or by a competitor, Niabraze offers a strip & replate service on your existing diamond and CBN coated tooling.

This service can represent significant savings to your company as well as provide a quicker turnaround time. Most custom made tooling takes 3-4 weeks on average to produce...strip & replate usually reduces this to within a week.

NIABRAZE Custom Plating Service

NIABRAZE comes with over 25 years of combined plating and brazing expertise in the superabrasice industry. Whatever the size, shape or contour, we welcome the opportunity to serve your custome plating needs.

NIABRAZE Private Labeling Service

Contact us with any specific needs for your tools to be custom labeled. Parts can be manufactured and supplied turnkey or with customer provided blanks, NIABRAZE will plate then private label to meet your abrasive needs.

NIABRAZE Electroless Bath Service

Where necessary tools may be taken through an electroless plating process to improve lubricity and can increase hardness with heat treating. This may also be used as a rust preventative.

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Diamond Jig Saws

Diamond Plated Jig Saw
Diamond plated jig saws are used when a normal jig saw blade just won't get the job done.

Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Diamond Circular Saw Blades
Along with various grit sizes we can make your circular blades with various edge configurations.

Mounted Wheels

Diamond Plated Wheels
Diamond mounted wheels are typically used for cutting or grinding very abrasive non-ferrous mater