There are many applications for silicon (Si) as it carries some unique properties. Aside from being a very hard material (7 on Moh's hardness scale), silicon is also a semiconductor. This means that silicon will conduct electricity much like a metal would. However, unlike metals, silicon will become more conductive as the temperature of the material rises. This gives room for some unique applications.

Uses of Silicon

Silicon Wafer CuttingThe hardness and semiconductive properties of silicon are why it is commonly used in some of the fastest growing industries in the world. Notably in the electronics and solar industries.

Solar Cells - The properties of silicon cause it to react with other minerals in such a way that is beneficial to the solar industry. Thin silicon wafers make up the solar cells that are more commonly generating electricity. Unlike in most applications, pure silicon is not highly effective in solar cells. However, when mixed with other minerals such as boron or phosphorus, silicon can be used to generate electricity. Doping, or adding other minerals top the silicon allow the manufacturer to control the conductivity of cells. When an energy source is applied to the silicon, like the energy of the sun, it causes extra electrons to jump off of minerals and create electricity.

Silicon SlicingElectronics Industry - The semiconductive properties of silicon make it ideal for use in the electronic industry. Electronic grade silicon may be used to create computer chips and transistors. These may be applied all across the electronics industry where they are used in everything ranging from smart phones, GPS systems, computers, tablets, radios, and much more.

Using Diamond Tools with Silicon

NIABRAZE has a broad depth of experience in producing superabrasive products for precision cutting of silicon. We utilize the highest grade of both natural and synthetic diamonds and superior electroplating processes to provide outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Diamond Band Saw Blades

We offer a full range of widths, thicknesses, edge profiles and diamond grit sizes to meet specific application and equipment needs for both monosilicon and polysilicon cutting. NIABRAZE blades deliver excellent performance and high productivity for bricking, cropping, and cutting tops and tails. Our strong precision weld is guaranteed for the life of the blade. The reliability of our blades is matched by our responsiveness when time is critical and you need blades in a rush.

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Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Diamond Circular Saw Blades
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Diamond Band Saw Blades
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