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For smaller or more complex diamond tools, a vacuum brazing process may be used to apply a diamond coating. The diamond brazing process is very different from the traditional electroplating process in several ways, however both processes will produce similar results.

Understanding the Brazing Process

Brazing of small or complex parts, such as NIABRAZE's diamond hole saws, preparation is critical.Brazed Diamond Tools To provide a strong and lasting bond between diamond and tool, a clean environment is critical. Each part must be free of any dirt, oil, or debris before the brazing process may occur.

To begin brazing, a single layer of the desired diamond grit size and a metal filler material are adhered to the tool. The coated tool is then placed into a highly sophisticated vacuum furnace. Inside the furnace, the tool will be taken to very high temperatures. At extremely high temperatures, the filler metal melts into liquid form and is distributed into the small gaps between the diamonds and tool. While this process occurs, there is absolutely zero oxygen allowed into the oven. This is to prevent any oxidation to the metals inside, and ensure a strong bond.

After the oven's heating cycles have completed, the oven will slowly cool to around room temperature. When the diamond coated tools are removed from the vacuum over they will have a single layer of strongly bonded diamond grit. If you have questions regarding the brazing process - please click here to request more information.

NIABRAZE Brazed Tools

When it comes to quality tools with a a diamond braze, NIABRAZE is in a league of their own. Diamonds are secured tightly to tools in order to form durable and efficient diamond drill bits, diamond grinders, diamond blades, and much more. NIABRAZE's vast experience in brazing means that diamonds have the strongest bond, which makes your tools the most reliable.

Diamond tipped drill bits have many different applications. Whether it's drilling hard rock, concrete, or another material - NIABRAZE's diamond drill bits are unmatched. Brazing is used to coat other miscellaneous products and diamond hole saws. If you are interested in NIABRAZE's brazed tools, then please click here to request more information.

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Brazed Routers

Diamond Coated Routers
NIABRAZE diamond brazed routers are manufactured using a vacuum brazing process.

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Precision diamond hole saws for when accuracy is just as important as toughness.

Diamond Band Saw Blades

Diamond Band Saw Blades
Whether you are cutting through quartz, glass, carbon, silicon, ceramics or composites, let our s