Miscellaneous Diamond & CBN Products

Custom Tools and Products

At NIABRAZE, our superabrasive diamond and CBN tools can be designed and made to precise customer specifications.

We will engineer parts to meet your unique cutting, milling, grinding or drilling needs or make to your predefined tool specifications. Tools are manufactured with a high quality blend of both synthetic and natural diamonds at maximum concentration by way of electroplating or brazing.

Options Available

• Can be manufactured to any customer required size
Shank Diameter
• Generally determined by the mass weight of the head
• Shank diameters can range from 1/16th of an inch up to 2”
• Number of flutes, flute depth and width is usually governed by the head diameter
Diamond or CBN Coverage
• Generally specified by the customer based on cut depth or machining required
Grit Size
• 18/20 grit through 600 mesh available
• The more popular sizes range from 35/40 grit to 100/120 grit
• Tolerances are held for the graduation from coarse to fine grit sizes

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Mounted Wheels

Diamond Plated Wheels
Diamond mounted wheels are typically used for cutting or grinding very abrasive non-ferrous mater

Diamond Hole Saws

Diamond Hole Saw Bits
Diamond hole saws are used for cutting very abrasive non-ferrous materials.

Diamond Sawzall

Electroplated Sawzall
Niabraze diamond plated sawzalls are perfect for aggressive cutting of hard materials.