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Diamond Tools at Niabraze

NIABRAZE gives you a competitive edge with a complete line of high-quality, superabrasive electroplated and brazed products to cut, mill, and grind hard materials with the expert services of some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

NIABRAZE was founded over 25 years ago as a North American manufacturer of diamond plated band saw blades. As our reputation for quality grew, so did our product offering to meet the growing needs of our customers around the globe.

Today, NIABRAZE is a world-class manufacturer of electroplated and brazed diamond and CBN products - all made in the USA - including band saw blades, circular saw blades from 1" through 46" in diameter, vacuum brazed hole saws, and many other diamond and CBN cutting and milling tools.

As cutting technology grows more specialized and cutting tools more complex, NIABRAZE has made custom-designed diamond and CBN cutting solutions a specialty. Our products efficiently cut and machine a whole host of materials including silicon, quartz, and glass, the vast array of composites, ceramics, carbon, sapphire, and more. Whatever size, shape, contour or profile of the tooling, NIABRAZE is applying superabrasive technology in new and innovative ways.

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Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Diamond Circular Saw Blades
Along with various grit sizes we can make your circular blades with various edge configurations.

Diamond Sawzall

Electroplated Sawzall
Niabraze diamond plated sawzalls are perfect for aggressive cutting of hard materials.

Mounted Wheels

Diamond Plated Wheels
Diamond mounted wheels are typically used for cutting or grinding very abrasive non-ferrous mater