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When it comes to cutting or grinding hard materials, there's a pretty good chance that a diamond coated tool is right for you. NIABRAZE products are used around the world to shape hard materials such as silicon, quartz, composites, ceramics, carbon, graphite, and much more. To learn more about the tools used in these applications, please visit our product page.

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There are many applications for silicon (Si) as it carries some unique properties. Aside from being a very hard material (7 on Moh's hardness scale), silicon is also a semiconductor. This means that silicon will conduct electricity much like a metal would. However, unlike metals, silicon will become more conductive as the temperature of the material rises. This gives room for some unique applications.


There are many industrial uses for quartz due to the very hard nature of quartz crystals. Quartz rates near a 7 on the Moh's hardness scale. Due to the hardness of quartz - proper tools are required to cut, shape, and polish crystals. This makes diamond tools the ideal candidate to work with quartz materials. Diamonds are a 10 on the Moh's hardness scale, which is harder than any other mineral.


Today's ever-evolving industries use an incredible variety of composites from reinforced plastics and carbon or glass fiber composites to engineered resin matrix materials.

NIABRAZE provides great flexibility with a choice of electroplated and vacuum brazed diamond bonded products to provide the best universal tooling solution for your composites machining application.


Ceramics come in many different variations and have countless different applications that we use every day. Just some of these applications include ceramic disk brakes, use in refractories, structural applications such as bricks, porcelain, as decoration with use of ceramic tiles, ceramic knives, and countless other applications. Ceramic materials are very hard and are great at heat insulation.

Carbon | Graphite

The terms carbon and graphite are often used interchangeably; however, each form offers specific properties for different types of applications.

Let NIABRAZE be your electroplating and brazing specialist to help design and manufacture the proper superabrasive diamond product to meet your needs.

Other Materials

NIABRAZE has a broad range of options to deliver your solutions for machining many other hard to machine and cut materials.

NIABRAZE offers a comprehensive selection of superabrasive diamond and CBN products engineered for both wet and dry process applications. Friction materials, stone products, and hard ferrous materials to name a few are all well suited for either diamond or CBN machining.

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Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Diamond Circular Saw Blades
Along with various grit sizes we can make your circular blades with various edge configurations.

Diamond Sawzall

Electroplated Sawzall
Niabraze diamond plated sawzalls are perfect for aggressive cutting of hard materials.

Precision Hole Saws

Diamond Hole Saw
Precision diamond hole saws for when accuracy is just as important as toughness.