There are many industrial uses for quartz due to the very hard nature of quartz crystals. Quartz rates near a 7 on the Moh's hardness scale. Due to the hardness of quartz - proper tools are required to cut, shape, and polish crystals. This makes diamond tools the ideal candidate to work with quartz materials. Diamonds are a 10 on the Moh's hardness scale, which is harder than any other mineral.

Uses of Quartz Crystals

Quartz Cutting & GrindingThere are many different types of quartz and many different applications for quartz materials. Here are some of the more common uses:

Solid Surfaces - The hardness of quartz makes it an ideal candidate for use in the solid surfaces industry. Quartz may often be used for kitchen counter tops, bathroom sinks, and more. The hardness of quartz may make it preferable over some softer plastic or composite materials. Furthermore, quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain as opposed to natural stones such as granite. Granite counter tops need to be periodically resealed, where quartz does not.

Electronics - Quartz crystals may be electronic grade - meaning that a charge can be applied to a quartz crystal. This makes it ideal to be used in electronic devices such as, watches, computers, cell phones, GPS systems, televisions and much more. Often times natural quartz crystals have too many impurities that prevent them for being considered "electronic grade". For this reason most electronic grade crystals are grown in a controlled environment, creating cultured quartz crystals.

Optics - With quartz's hardness and ability to be finely polished, optical-grade crystals can be used for many purposes. Quartz may be uses for lenses on on electronic devices such as watches or as windows on devices that handle hard materials or lasers. Much like electronic grade quartz, optical grade quartz is usually manufactured to reduce the amount of impurities present.

Machining QuartzGemstones - Aside from the natural hardness and durability of crystals, quartz can have great aesthetic properties. The ability to finely polish quartz means that you can make it shine like the finest of minerals. Additionally, different types of quartz have different color properties. For example, rose quartz has red/pink color while amethyst has a violet shade and other crystals may be clear.

Abrasives - The hardness of quartz means that it can be used for many abrasive applications. Notably, quartz grit is used in many sandpaper applications. They may also be used for certain abrasive tools such as grinding stones and stone files.

Using Diamond Tools with Quartz

Diamond tools are used for many applications when it comes to cutting, shaping, or polishing quartz, however two very frequently used tools are diamond band saw blades, and diamond circular saw blades. Whether dealing with small quartz crystals or cutting a quartz counter top, diamond plated tools are the right solution. For milling and shaping of quartz materials, miscellaneous diamond tipped tools are also available.

Diamond Band Saw Blades

High diamond exposure and a strong but flexible backing deliver efficient cutting and long life with NIABRAZE diamond band saw blades. From optics industry to glass artists to leading high tech quartz companies, NIABRAZE blades are used throughout multiple industries for precision, high efficiency cutting.

NIABRAZE offers durable diamond band saw blades for just about any quartz and glass cutting application in virtually any width, thickness, edge profile and grit size required. We utilize high quality synthetic and natural diamond and carry most material in stock for same day weld-to-length and ship service in the fast turnaround NIABRAZE tradition.

Diamond Circular Saw Blades and Miscellaneous Tools

In addition to diamond band saw blades, NIABRAZE manufactures diamond circular blades, stock and custom diamond machining and core drill products through our electroplating and vacuum brazing processes. High diamond concentration and exceptional wear properties are standard to NIABRAZE monolayer diamond products.

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Diamond Band Saw Blades

Diamond Band Saw Blades
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Diamond Circular Saw Blades
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